7.14.0 no cURL disable

I upgraded 7.14.0 and now I don't have option to copy my sql that I test on dev tool to copy as cURL

is there a switch or it is disable due to license issue. I have basic free license



Here is my Brand New Basic License 7.14.0

I still see the Copy as cURL

What browser are you in?

I checked Dark Mode too... I still see it.

Can you try in another browser?

nop something is wrong.
I try firefox which I have not used from many years,
still exact same thing.

I check on two seperate cluster which I just upgraded to 7.14.0 both has same. check older version on same browser and I still have that option enable.

Which version did you upgrade from?

Also can you open chrome dev tools and look at the console and see if there's any error there Do you know how to do that?

I upgraded from 7.10.1 to 7.14.0

I can get to dev tool on chrome. but don't know what to do after that.

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