7.15.0 kibana rpm hash mismatch

I'm getting a hash mismatch on the 64-bit RPM download for kibana 7.15.0 at https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/kibana/kibana-7.15.0-x86_64.rpm. The SHA512 file says: 1de33aa9a653837d41afe52517e66ae5cc68866020e797939eb6b1d1d6dead8b88d34455510c6396fbcb52c7508aa687476e82a8e58b8b1277260d72ca2797a5

I'm receiving:

When I tried to install the package I got the following message from yum:
Transaction check error:
Unknown error during transaction test in RPM

This was a local network issue, disregard.

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