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Hi team,
I am using ELK 8.5.3 and I have multiple servers and I am using metricbeat system module to collect the metrics and the dashboards were doing good. But I want group my servers. Is it possible to group the monitoring servers in the dashboard. Like a service have 5 servers and another service have 3 servers know the [Metricbeat System] Overview ECS dasboard showing all the servers i want to group these servers as my services. is it possible

hi, I am looking for a reply.

You'll need to either add tags or add fields to the metricbeat on each server so then you can group the servers by those tags or fields.

That's pretty common but you need to do it in order to do the grouping.

After you have that, you can add controls or filters or queries to select the servers you want based on tags or fields

If your servers are running in the cloud on some of the cloud providers, we pick up the cloud tags as well.

Thank you for you're reply. These tags were created on the metricbeat.yml file isn't.

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