About the kibana.yml configuration file

Can you give me information about the kibana.yml configuration file?I don't know what's wrong with me,thank you


hello i met a question When accessing port 5061,Can you take a look at it for me?I will send you the screenshots

Why did I have to enter my username and password when I started kibana and accessed via port 5601, but was prompted to look at the log

My elasticserch is accessible

Start kibana to this problem, it does not start properly

you are running kibana and elasticsearch on the same server ?

could you please tell me how you started each of them, what version are you using, etc

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no ,I have three servers, I was through '/bin/kibana 'this command started,I used version 6.3.2

ok if elasticsearch is running on a different server, then you need to tell kibana where to find it.

can you copy paste full kibana.yml file as well as full output when you start kibana (bin/kibana &> output.log)

Since I will not send the file, I can only send it to you as a screenshot

cant you copy paste the file ?

Yes, I can't, because it's the first time I've sent messages with this BBS, so I don't know how to send the file, I want to copy the file content, but he asked for 7000 words, the file content is out of range

kibana.yml should not be too long, if it is you can remove the comments (all the lines startng with #)

for the output.log, please just copy paste firt 50 lines or so

hi xionghaizi,

You have using the different version from kibana and elastic search...

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