Add custom connectors to 3rd party

I'm trying to sync Elastic alerts with an inhouse tool we have in my compagny.
Does anyone know if i can add custom connectors to Kibana (i'm not talking about adding a webhook but a real connector)
If it is possible but the solution involve some development this is not a problem for me.
Thanks by advance

Hey @Dzious,

I believe it may be technically possible to create a custom Kibana plugin that adds a new connector, but it's largely undocumented at the moment and will likely be difficult to maintain as the underlying APIs are rapidly changing.

Take a look here: kibana/x-pack/plugins/actions at master · elastic/kibana · GitHub

My suggestion at the moment if you're very interested in doing this is to create a GitHub issue in the Kibana repository, and the team that manages the connectors framework may be able to help.



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