Additional information contained in the Index properties

Good afternoon,

I am working on a Django-based interface to make Elasticsearch easier to manage. I would like to attach fields to each index that I can use to track information useful in the interface. For example, I would like to add a major_version and minor_version field to each index and use those fields to track the index as it evolves and the events are reindexed.

Currently, I am relying on a naming scheme to track index versions: apache_access_v1.0, apache_access_v1.1, apache_access_v1.3, etc.. If I could add custom properties to the index, it would make my application cleaner and open up the possibility of tracking additional information there.

Thank you.

This sounds like something you could use the _meta field on the index's mappings for:

This looks like a pretty good example of what happens when I don't "RTFM". :slight_smile:

Thank you, Lee.


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