After exporting to csv getting different value

I have some filed to export as csv . on elasticsearch it is have proper value. once i export into csv file this field is become rounded value.

here attached before exporting and after exporting.


This just looks like an issue with whatever program you are using to show the CSV. If you change the format of that field to a string it should show it all. But the data looks correct from what I can see.

How can i change the format of that field to string?

Data is not correct. while exporting to CSV itis coming rounded value as 9478400004601770, but actual value is 9478400004601775

Interesting. I didn't catch the last part of the number, thought you were referring to just the E Notation.

What is your mapping for Member_ID?

I did a test using 7.17.3 for this. Can you see if I am doing anything different? Or possibly do the same steps I did to see if it works on your end?

My only thoughts is possibly you are looking at a different record due to your dates on on your timestamps being different from your discover screenshot and your csv screenshot. One is Jul 13 and the other is Jul 12.

PUT rounding
  "mappings": {
    "properties": {
      "test": {
        "type": "keyword"

POST rounding/_doc
  "test": "9478400004601775"

Exported to CSV from Discover and opened CSV in an editor

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