Anomaly detection in kibana?

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Can anyone please share their experience regarding depiction of Anomaly (using graphs) in elasticsearch data using Kibana, how did you implement it, did you use some 3rd party plugins for the same?


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The recent Staying in Control with Moving Averages - Part 1 blog post should be useful to you.

Hi @magnusbaeck - but I am currently using 1.6 version of ES, when can i expect 2.0 and will it be compatible with Kibana 4.1?

ES2.0 Beta will come out soon - probably before the end of August. At around the same time, we plan to introduce Kibana 4.2 Beta, which will be compatible with ES2.0 from a backend perspective.

However, ability to run moving average aggregations from ES 2.0 will not be immediately available in that release. If that is something that is important to you, I'd suggest filing an enhancement request in the Kibana repo:

Hi @tbragin - so in the kibana beta release no pipeline aggregation would be possible?

Correct, no Elasticsearch pipeline aggregations support in 4.2 beta is planned at the moment.

Do we have a timeline for when we can have pipeline aggregations in Kibana?

Hello Tarun,

There is indeed a 3rd party (commercial) plugin for Kibana (well for the entire Elastic stack!) that specifically does anomaly detection. My company, Prelert, makes this plugin (download a free trial here).

Give it a try!



Hi All,
are there some resources in order to integrate prelert into ELK stack? Thanks

Closing the loop on this one now that Machine Learning has been made available in v5.4 as part of X-Pack Platinum