Anomaly notifications are not received

Elastic Cloud 7.11
Created "Anomaly Alert" for Web Application (to Send Slack notification).
No notification has been sent

Alerts are for real-time operation. The anomaly shown is from 8 months ago.

When you enable alerting on ML anomalies, they are for anomalies that are emerging in real-time. The alert logic only looks back for a short window of time so that it only picks up newly created anomalies.

I agree that the screenshot is incorrect.
Anomaly alerts are not received - a fact.
They were created long ago. Since then, there have been several critical points of degradation and not a single notification has come.
Only notifications by the errors count work well. And the funny thing is that they are not displayed in the "Alerts and Actions" section, they in the "Watcher" section.

And I don't understand how to manage Alerts all.
Creation is easy and convenient. And then you can only do Mute or Delete. You cannot check or change the conditions. And you cannot trace the Alert. They are completely unrelated.

I also want to see created notifications immediately in the "Alerts" list and not by clicking the "View Active Alerts" button. And "Latency / Error Count / etc" actions move in the action "Create", Alerts are usually created less often than viewed.

This is really useful information, Mikhail. Thank you for the clarification!

I've reported this internally to the APM team and they're currently looking into this to see if there's some type of bug at play here that's preventing the real-time notification from happening. Stay tuned.

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@insanity13 thanks for your report - I've opened an issue for the anomaly alert: [APM] APM Anomaly alert type might miss anomalies · Issue #92839 · elastic/kibana · GitHub. There is also an open issue for the ability to edit alerts: [APM] Add ability to edit APM alerts · Issue #76316 · elastic/kibana · GitHub.

Thanks a lot!

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