Apache monitoring on several FreeBSD hosts


I'm new to the Elastic Stack. I've only barely managed to get it up and running before, so I may or may not fully understand all the things which I'm asking for here.

We have a number of FreeBSD hosts running Apache HTTPD, the traffic of which we'd like to collect and present in a nicely visualised format. I noticed there exists an Apache integration, and I have no idea how to use it, but given the data it provides, it sounds exactly like what I'm looking for.

Now, I understand FreeBSD is not really supported, so I'm not sure whether this is at all possible, or where I can except to run into roadblocks.

I've just now also realised that Elastic Agent and Beats are two entirely different methods of collecting metrics? (with the above link being an ELastic Agent thing) I'm not sure which one would be more suitable or compatible.

I've seen someone mentioning how they were able to forward their logs to a Linux host, which then could use all the official tools. I can certainly do that if necessary. Well, the whole Elastic Stack is going to run on a Linux host anyway, of course, so maybe I don't need any middle man?

In summary:

We're running Apache running on a number of FreeBSD hosts. I want to be able to visualise HTTP requests, being able to filter by virtual host, source IP address, etc. Importantly, I also want to be able to filter per host machine. I'm imagining something like ElastiFlow, which visualises network flows.

Can I achieve this on FreeBSD and, if so, how do I get started?

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