Application requires user and password for Elasticsearch


I'm working with the open source version of Elasticsearch 7.4. I'm trying to conect to my index from Oracle Analytics Desktop and it requires me to enter username and password. xPack is not configured in my cluster.

Which username and password should I use?

The open source version of Elasticsearch does not include security so the cluster must have been secured in a different way by someone. You need to talk to whoever set up or manages the cluster.

Thank you for your answer!

We don't have any security. When we open the Kibana web page, there is no authentication previously. The same happens when we go into the Elasticsearch port (http://###.###.###.###:9200).

Does that means that I won't be able to connect to Elasticsearch from OA Desktop unless we acquire xPack?

I know nothing about OA desktop...

Change "OA Desktop" to "any application that requires me to login with user and password".

If you do not have any security setup in Elasticsearch no username or password is required. If the application still prompts you for one I would guess it is a problem in the application.

Is there any default username / password that I can try in the application?

There are no default passwords in 7.4. If you don't have security setup on your cluster - you can just type any username and password - it will be ignored by elasticsearch. If you get an error, please post it on this mailing list.


Sadly, this is the only error message I receive:

Do you see any messages in the logs of elasticsearch server when you try to connect?

We were on this all day long yesterday.

Apparently, the error comes from the driver we're using. The driver is for maximum Elasticsearch 6.8, but we're using 7.4. This is the driver required by the tool (Oracle Analytics Desktop), so I guess there's not much we can do...


Indeed, in this case you would need to downgrade unless this driver is updated or Oracle switches to elastic's jdbc driver.

Indeed, the sql4es driver seems to be no longer updated, potentially since Elastic provides now an SQL implementation and respective drivers for it.
However, Oracle Analytics Desktop seems to provide no documentation on integrating 3rd party JDBC drivers and a quick attempt on various ways to configure a source with Elastic's JDBC driver failed.
Furthermore, the proxy providing ODBC connectivity implements an antique version of the API (v 2) and has a number of quirks (tripping on valid DSN names, invoking the API in now explicitly non-recommend ways, not listing valid table names etc.).
Bottom line, @Igor_Motov's comment is pretty valid at this point.

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That's correct.

Oracle has no documentation about Elasticsearch connection. The connector "sql4es" is the one Oracle Analytics Desktop requires for Elasticsearch. It actually requires for a previous version than the one we downloaded (for Elasticsearch 2 instead of 6).

We can't use the Elastic JDBC because we're not premium.

Thanks for the help. Regards,

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