Apply ingest node pipeline to an index/data stream

I have created a ingest node pipeline to transform data received via elastic.

Now I need to apply this pipeline to my index so that I can see the transformed fields under discover, and also create charts using them.

I also tried creating a data stream to see if I can apply the pipeline to it, but have been unsuccessful so far. The data stream isn't even visible in the Discover tab!

Could someone please help me with how the pipeline can be applied to my data?
I am using fluentbit, Elasticsearch and kibana. I have created the pipeline directly from the kibana UI.


Never used fluentbit but I would try the setting for pipeline.

For example Logstash you can define the pipeline.
Filebeats you can define a pipeline ID.

You could also use the index.default_pipeline or index.final_pipeline index setting.

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