Attaching a drill down to a table panel

Kibana 7

I have a table visualisation with with a total column and two Unique counts. I now want to be able to drill down into the cells to see a further level of detail for each of those cells.

Signature 	                                       Total 	SrcIPs	DstIPs	
ET POLICY Vulnerable Java Version 11.0.x Detected	1,507	     9	     9	

The table is in a dashboard and I have created dashboards for the targets of the drill down. I added a drill down to the dashboard containing the table but I can't figure out how to attach this to a table cell and how the the filters get passed.

I.e. I want to click on the cell for the number of src IPs and have it display another table with a break down for that IP.

Click on the total cell take one to a dashboard that shows the individual alerts.

My searching finds docs saying it is possible but no explanations of how to do it.

It sounds like you've read the drilldown tutorial, which explains that there are two types of drilldown. For dashboard-to-dashboard drilldowns, the action is added to the existing filterable cells, which are the buckets:

There is limited customization available for dashboard-to-dashboard drilldowns. Notice that the metric cell, Count, does not have a drilldown available.

For the URL drilldowns, you can access a lot more information and create a drilldown on the table row:

One thing that's important to mention is that if your drilldown URL is using invalid parameters, it will disappear- the validation is a work in progress. But you will be able to use a lot more context here to create drilldowns.

Thanks! Since I am using the basic license I am stuck -- time to ask the boss to start paying ; )

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