Automatic refresh when clicking the the browser tab

(RayC) #1

When I turn to a tab on my Chrome, how can I set the kibana to refresh the page automatically? I guess this functionality is disabled with kibana pages.


(Jon Budzenski) #2

When you expand the timepicker, an auto refresh button will appear next to the timepicker button:

(RayC) #3

Thanks for the reply but my question was not for that.

Sometimes, you see the kibana page stopped showing nothing (just saying a warning: Aw, Snap! Google Chrome ran out of memory while trying to display this web page." when you tab the page on a browser. You have to refresh it manually to see the page.

(Jon Budzenski) #4

Ah, that sounds like a memory leak in Kibana. Which version are you on?

There's nothing in Kibana that will do a full page refresh on an interval. There may be some chrome extensions that will do it on a timer.

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