Azure Marketplace - Elasticsearch managed service failing


I'm trying to subscribe to the Elasticsearch Managed Service from the Azure Marketplace and I'm hitting some errors.

It seems that the options available during subscription are limited (plan, resource group etc.), but I am getting a fairly generic 'Bad request' error:

"Bad request. Diagnostic information: timestamp '20210212T143533Z', subscription id 'xx21xxxc-ae22-xxxa-b80a-xxxf8a1db7d', tracking id 'xxxxxe01-aa5e-4ac2-a19a-xxxf660faa', request correlation id 'xxxxxc94-799d-xxxx-bc0b-xxxxa32a1c24'."

I don't see what more I can try. I have attempted the deployment in various subscriptions, all with similar results.

Hi @Campbell Welcome to the community and thanks for trying Elastic Cloud.

One thing to confirm since there are several offerings you are attempting to sign up with this offering correct? And the azure account you are logged into is provisioned to sign up for 3rd party services? The error message about resource groups etc seems odd since this runs in our cloud?

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