Bad Timestamp Visualization in Kibana

I've a curious problem.
I have some events indexed in elasticsearch with a field timestamp.
If i view the json document timestamp is correct but if I view the Discover dashboard in Kibana timestamp is +1 hour.

For example:
json-> @timestamp : "@timestamp": "2015-12-15T16:09:15.48"

Discover Dashboard: "@timestamp": "2015-12-15T17:09:15.48"

Thank you for your support!

The timestamp is stored as UTC but Kibana adjusts for the browsers local timezone. Presumably your timezone is UTC+1?

Hi MagnusBaeck!
Yes, my timezone is UTC+1.
How can I adjust this settings?
Thank you!

Adjust what? This behavior is by design. However, there is an open issue for making the Kibana timezone configurable. Last time I looked it was scheduled for Kibana 4.4, i.e. the next release.