Bar chart single color and bar for Others bucket


Lets say I have table of countries and their GDP.

I would like to have bar chart splitted on X-Axis by terms (countries) and be also colored by terms. I wanna show TOP 10 and Others buckets. I saw this is possible, HOWEVER, the coloring doesnt work for "Others" bucket cause it just colors all countries in "Others" bucket asl well and not as a single bucket of other countries. I tried to play with grouping of each bucket split but it didnt do the job. Is there any solution?

If I swap bucket split it gives me single color for Others bucket but its not under single bar.

If I leave only split by terms, it will do the job but on X axis I cant see each bar labeled with country code and even more when I try to change label for X axis, it doesnt work as well (looks like bug).

Kibana 7.10

Thank you

@Stratoula_Kalafateli can we please get some help here?


@Michael_Ubry unfortunately I can't think of any way to accomplish what you want. Your best shot is the third one. The reason that the custom label is not applied to the x-axis is that you don't have an x-axis actually.
The correct way is to just add a terms to the x-axis but this gives you the same color. We want to add in the future this functionality to Lens, to give the users the ability to define different colors per terms. This is an interesting case cc @ghudgins
I could also propose to use a pie chart instead of a bar chart. Split the slices with the countries terms. Then you will have different slices per term. It will give you something like that

@Stratoula_Kalafateli Thank you for answer. Unfortunetally, the pie chart is no convenient since our version 7.10 does not allow to show values instead of percentages. Thats why I wanted to use bar chart.

Thank you.

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