Basic license after upgrading to 6.3

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I had a 6.x cluster running with basic license, and it had expired few weeks ago.

I took the opportunity to upgrade the cluster to 6.3 but I was still seeing warnings about the expired license, and before upgrading Kibana I deleted the expired basic license issuing a DELETE on _xpack/license API.

After I upgraded Kibana to 6.3 but it does not load anymore due to xpack in red state, and no new basic license is generated even after restarting my cluster and kibana.

How can I force elasticsearch/kibana to generate a new basic license again?

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Finally I found, I missed it somehow:

POST /_xpack/license/start_basic


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Glad you found the solution yourself. xpack Elasticsearch is supposed to generate a new basic license when it starts and there is no license available, so sounds like there is a bug there. Would you mind creating an issue outlining your experience against Elasticsearch Github repo?

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