Basic License expires after 1 month


We are using X-pack solely for it's monitoring capabilities at the moment (which are very good).

Our Elasticsearch clusters are generated via automation (Cattle vs Pets style) and we generate a new cluster fairly frequently. As we don't use any other X-pack functionality i set the xpack.license.self_generated.type=basic configuration option expecting it to generate me a basic license in perpetuity or at least a year (which is what you get if you manually request one), but instead, Kibana tells me

Your Basic license is active
Your license will expire on May 19, 2018 4:35 PM BST.

Is it possible to setup an Elasticsearch cluster with a basic license without it expiring after 1 month without having to mess around with the License API? If not please can this be added as a feature request.

I'm afraid requesting licenses and manually uploading them is not really a scalable solution when automating things.


Hi @joeweoj,

This should be available soon. The basic license will no longer expire. Keep an eye out on our next few releases for this one!


Thanks @chrisronline,

Is there a github feature request or something i can track to see when it becomes available (instead of polling the release notes).


It will be part of 6.3.0.

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