Boshrelease 208.0.0 v 209.1.0

We currently have logsearch 208.0.0 deployed, which contains:
[elasticsearch_master/0] version[5.5.2]

Looking through all logsearch_boshrelease, it appears version 209.1.0 would be compatible with the 5.5.2 release as it appears to be based on:
Update Elastic stack to v5.6.13

Which I checked by clicking on the commit hash and looking the comment here.

Now, looking through the releases, they clearly indicate when one release is backwards compatible with previous releases.

209 and 209.1 do not indicate they are backwards compatible.
I am only making this assuming since they are still running the version 5 code line while 210 is running the version 7 code line.

We have been having a lot of issues lately with the load on our Kibana server and I am hoping an update in the release might address some of it.

  • failed to obtain in-memory shard lock
  • failed to execute pipeline for a bulk request
  • failed to process cluster event (create-index-template [filebeat-6.1.2], cause [api]) within 30s

The blog post 5.6.0 released indicates an upgrade to path to 6.0.0, does not really mention incompatibilities with 5.5.x.

Thank you,

Any comments on this one?

This looks like a question for the product that is using Elasticsearch, as noone over here seems to have any experience with that.

I think your best bet would be to take a look at the bosh release website (seems to be and figure out their channels of support.

That said, doing major version within the Elastic Stack usually requires some preparation and backwards incompatible changes that need to be taken care of before upgrading, not after (for newer versions there is an upgrade assistant helping you to figure out what those preparational steps are in order to be on the safe side, i.e. when you upgrade from 6 to 7).

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