Build a remote cluster for APM server

Hi all,
Currently, I have a Elasticsearch + Kibana on a server for indexing 's log. I am planning to setup new APM + Elasticsearch just for indexing APM metrics on 2nd server, and I can use Kibana on the 1st server for searching and visualizing both data.
The topo look similar like this:

Can anyone share any instructions or keywords that I can follow to deploy this.
Thank you all.

Welcome to community @skyle52 . This setup is very common, we utilize this pattern heavily internally. with one tweak - instead of kibana communicating with two es clusters, use cross cluster search to have the es clusters do the communication and present a single endpoint to kibana. APM specific instructions can be found on Cross-cluster search | APM User Guide [master] | Elastic.


Thank you Gil. I will setup cross cluster search

Hi Gil,
Can you help me here. I cannot setup remote search cluster

I have already setup transport.port: 9300 on my apm cluster but not able to connect.

@skyle52 sorry to hear it, the setup is straightforward on our managed service, it seems you're self managing? I recommend opening a discuss topic in the Elastic Stack CCS topic with some more information including logs from the Elasticsearch instances. Please do link to that from here.

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