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Hi all,

We recently did a PoC to use APM inside our environment. And are now discussing how the systems need to be setup for a prod-like environment. For APM a new ELK-stack will be deployed next to the existing one. The existing cluster is build for logging, so the new APM cluster will be setup for APM only.

So i've read all the documentation, but am still a bit confused on how to setup the cross cluster search.
We currently have:

Cluster 1 - Logging cluster:

  • 3x master nodes
  • 5x data nodes
  • 1x archive node
  • 1x coordinating node - (connected to Kibana)

Cluster 2 - (new) APM cluster:

  • 1x dedicated master node
  • 2x master/data nodes
  • APM server (seperate from the ELK-cluster)

I know the new cluster is not completely setup correctly with the master/data nodes but this is a first setup to see if it is working like we want it to (and to be able to scale more quickly to dedicated master nodes).

We want to show the APM information in the same Kibana instance as we use for the logging cluster. Is this possible with cross cluster feature? So that the coordinating node gets to connect to the new APM cluster and show data in the same Kibana as the logging cluster?

Thanks in advance!

The APM data is "just" another index to Elasticsearch, so there should be no problems with this approach.

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Alright, thanks for your response. Now we can proceed building :grin:

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