Kibana APM UI cannot see other cluster

Hi all,

I've got a question regarding APM UI in Kibana. We've setup a new cluster for APM only, and made it cross cluster available. I can create indexes and search in the other cluster in the APM indexes. But when I open up Kibana and click on the APM server setup. It cannot see that APM server is running and therefore it will not setup APM UI. So we have:

Kibana -> ES coordinating (with Cross Cluster) -> APM-cluster
-> APM-server
-> Logging-cluster

APM-server is a standalone machine talking to the APM ES cluster. This APM cluster is not part of the Logging cluster. I checked all firewall settings, and all rules are in place to setup the correct connection.
We are using version 6.4.0 of the Elastic stack with the basic license.

So my question is, why can't Kibana see the APM-server machine and setup APM UI?

In the meantime we've fixed the problem.
We didn't set the APM index patterns in the kibana.yml to the cross cluster...

We pointed APM to the APM cluster and it works now :slight_smile:

xpack.apm.enabled: true
#Set to false to disabled the APM plugin Kibana. Defaults to true.
xpack.apm.ui.enabled: true
#Set to false to hide the APM plugin Kibana from the menu. Defaults to true.
apm_oss.indexPattern: apm_cluster:apm-*

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