/bundles/app/kibana/bootstrap.js not found


I am working on using kibana reports in Angular-8 application. Embeding kibana reports using Iframe.

The kibana reports have login page wiith username and password. I am doing GET call from front-end to "https://....5601/login.

My requirement is: I don't want to show kibana login page to the user. I want to pass username and password in the frond-end so that it will directly authenticate to the report.

I provided the username and password as headers from front-end (angular application) with a GET method, so that it should automatically authenticate kibana report without asking for authentication details.

It gave "Http parsing error" in the console when running my application in local. Resolved that issue by providing the content-type as text/HTML and loading iframe as innerHTML ,as in inspect tab, I was getting reponse as html not json.

Now I am getting other error it is showing in console as " 'bundles/app/kibana/bootstrap.js' is not found".

Could anyone please help on how to resolve the bootstrap.js error.

Please explain me step by step how to resolve the error and let me know if you need any other details.

Kavya Nagarapu

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