Can elastic search used as :- along with view data as visualization, option to download those data shown on the dash board

Hi All,
Good evening, it has been long time since I got an opportunity to use Elasticsearch, now I am trying to propose Elasticsearch to (a) visualize the data (b) and providing options to download the visualized data source.
Ie I have data on SQL and CSV format, which covers around 5 years of data. This data we are trying to visualize (for sure Elasticsearch can do it) and option for selecting the span of time interval and downloading the same

We are not sure if using Elasticsearch, we can give end users and interface for selecting the data and downloading the selected data.

Guidance requested to know if such download functionality is available with Elasticsearch
Joseph John

You can use Kibana reporting to export saved searches as csv. You can set xpack.reporting.csv.maxSizeBytes to increase the CSV size, but the value should not exceed 10MB

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