Can I still jump from 7.17 to the new 8.8?

I'm at 7.16 right now. I know I need to update to 7.17 first, but I am wondering if right after that I can go directly to 8.8? I know I could jump to 8.7 from 7.17. Just wondering if it's still the case.

Yes, you can.

Check the documentation.

You need to upgrade to the last release of 7.17 and then you can upgrade to the last release of 8.X.

In my opinion, a direct jump from 7.17 to 8.8.- can be risky but it is supported
For Kibana 8.7 -> 8.8 Kibana upgrade splits the main .kibana_* indices into several dedicated system indices and you can get failed migrations because of that.

See Kibana 8.8.0 | Kibana Guide [8.8] | Elastic for more info on other changes specifically relating to Kibana.

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Just curious, Is there any github issue about it?

I'm currently on 8.5.1 and waiting for 8.8.1 to upgrade (I always skip the .0 releases) and I looked at every breaking changing between 8.5.1 and 8.8.0 and didn't find anything about it.

Or you mean that Kibana 7.17 -> 8.8?

@leandrojmp you're already on a 8.x version and shouldn't have major issues going to 8.8. I'm specifically pointing out 7.17 -> 8.8 because it's a huge jump (in Kibana terms) and the likelihood of having migrations issues is compounded by the additional 8.7 -> 8.7 change.

A direct jump from 7.17 to 8.8.- is NOT recommended for Kibana.

In the Kibana upgrade documentation, we are not saying such a thing:

To upgrade from 7.16.0 or earlier to 8.8.0,you must first upgrade to 7.17, which enables you to use the Upgrade Assistantto prepare for the upgrade. Before you upgrade, you must resolve all critical issues identified by the Upgrade Assistant.

If it's not recommended (which I think never happened in the past and I don't think that Elastic Cloud discourages users to migrate from 7.17 to 8.8), we should update the documentation IMHO.

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@dadoonet If you don't have critical issues but you have warnings, is that a deal breaker for an upgrade?

You're 100% correct. My recommendation is my opinion, not the "official" Elastic one. We're allowed to have our own opinions, based on past experience and I'll leave it at that.

Well. I'd carefully look at the warnings.

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