Can I upgrade my kibana node thats running 7.6.1 to 7.11 without upgrading my elasticsearch and logstash nodes which are running 7.6.1?

I have a 5 node ELK cluster. I have kibana 7.6.1 running on a single node. Elasticsearch 7.6.1 on 3 other nodes. Logstash 7.6.1 on the last node.

Can I upgrade kibana without upgrading elasticsearch and logstash to 7.11 to make use of the new alerts platform it has?

So a final cluster consisting of kibana 7.11, elasticsearch 7.6.1 and logstash 7.6.1 ?

Thank you

Hi @deep9300

That is not a supported configuration.

That being Kibana ahead of Elasticsearch (it wont work) you should always try to keep Elasticsearch and Kibana in sync.

Logstash / beats can fall behind...

Upgrade Order is defined here

  • Upgrade the components of your Elastic Stack in the following order:
  1. Elasticsearch Hadoop: install instructions
  2. Elasticsearch: upgrade instructions
  3. Kibana: upgrade instructions
  4. Java High Level REST Client: dependency configuration
  5. Logstash: upgrade instructions
  6. Beats: upgrade instructions
  7. APM Server: upgrade instructions

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