Can I use the same Marvel license on more than one cluster?


(Shaunak Kashyap) #1

The Marvel license is issued on a per node basis and cluster count is not relevant.

Hence if you have more than one production cluster, you can use the very same license key to register your Marvel deployment, provided that the total number of nodes across the clusters does not pass the number of licensed nodes.

So for instance if you have purchased a 25 nodes Marvel license so you can cover up to 25 nodes, regardless of how many clusters these nodes are divided into.


  • 1 cluster of 25 nodes; (25 <= 25) OK
  • 5 clusters of 5 nodes; (5x5 <= 25) OK
  • one 10-nodes cluster plus one 15 nodes cluster; (10+15 <= 25) OK

However if the total nodes count is bigger than the purchased node count limit provided within the license, you will be required to contact Sales to increase your limits.

You can always contact Support should you have any questions or doubts.

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