Does marvel has any limitation of number of nodes in a cluster


(Sai Birada) #1

I seen a basic version of marvel is free now. Is there any limitation that marvel is free if only my cluster has less than 5/some x nodes. Or its free irrespective of number of nodes in the cluster?

(Steve Kearns) #2

Hi Sai,

There is no limit on the number of nodes you can use with a Basic license. The basic license enables all Marvel capabilities, except multi-cluster support (single monitoring cluster holding data from multiple clusters), and configurable Marvel data Retention (managed Marvel history was added in 2.3).


(Sai Birada) #3

Hai skearns,
What do you mean by configurable data retention, as far as i know marvel stores each days data in a respective index of that day, and that data will exist until we delete that index.

(Steve Kearns) #4

Hi Sai,

In Marvel 2.3, we added a long-requested feature that automatically maintains Marvel history indexes:

With a Gold or Platinum license, the retention period is configurable to any number. With the Basic license, it is fixed at the default of 7 days.

Note that the automatic maintenance of Marvel history indexes only applies when you're storing the marvel results locally - if you're using a centralized monitoring cluster, you will need to install the marvel-agent on that cluster or manually manage the history indexes there.


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