Can [TSVB] add controls to toggle re-enable/enable of annotation on dashboard?

Currently, [TSVB] can control re-enable/enable of annotation when editing visualization such as this link: [TSVB] add controls to toggle disable/enable individual series and annotations

However, Is there any way to make re-enable/enable function on the dashboard page for clicking, but no just only in editing visualization page? Or is there a clicking menu for this annotation to filter what users want.

There is no way to show that control on a dashboard for now. There is a workaround of sort:
Change the settings for Annotations to "Ignore Global Filters: No" and then create a filter that filters out all the annotations from the index. This way you can toggle the filter on and off in order to show or hide annotations.
It will however stop you from using other filters as those would interact with the annotations.

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