Can we restrict users to read last n days of data

we are running Elasticsearch 7.9.0 with basic liecense and we need to put some restriction on users to read the document not more than 2 days.

is it possible to add range query in roles?

I would recommend you upgrade as I believe 7.9.0 had a memory leak.


Thank you for your quick response, sure we could work an upgrade to the latest version.

we are holding to hold 90 days of data and the index size is 800GB and getting a minimum of 4 indexes per day.

so we have to some restriction on some user that user should not read more than n days of data.

could you please confirm that is it possible to put restrictions on users to read the document not more than n days?

I do not think that is possible using the basic license. It might be using document level security though which requires a higher license level.

@Christian_Dahlqvist Thank you for the confirmation.
I am not able to find any bug or reference about memory leak issue on 7.9.0 version, could you please point me the document or issue.

There should be a couple of threads in the forum about it but I do not have access to that now.

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