Cannot find Alias field in Discover

Kibana version : 7.9

Elasticsearch version : 7.10

APM Server version : 7.10

APM Agent language and version : java 1.8

Fresh install or upgraded from other version? fresh install

I wanted to create field alias for a field in APM index pattern . I saw the field is created . But I am not able to see the field alias in Visualize/Discover. Is it an existing issue ?

I used the below to create alias

PUT apm-*/_mapping
  "properties": {
    "StoreNumber": {
      "type": "alias",
      "path": "labels.StoreNum"

Screen Shot showing the alias is created. I refreshed the indexes and still cant find it in discover

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Anybody have any updates on this?

I am facing the same problem. However, "date fields" are displayed.

When I look at the "Request" part in "Discover", I see the "fields" which Kibana wants to see. Unfortunately, only the "date fields" aliases are mentioned here. I don't know how to change them either.

In the Kibana settings under "Adavanced Settings" "Meta fields" can be specified, but these only show the already displayed fields.

The problem exists regardless of the index, it is not "APM" based.

I am looking for answer for this as well.

This link says this issue is close but didn't work. I am using 7.10.1

i guess it is a bug and will be fixed in 7.12:
[Discover] Remaining work on Fields API · Issue #88426 · elastic/kibana · GitHub => Field aliases don't properly

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