Cannot have two kibana port-forwarded to localhost:5601 and localhost:5602

Hi thanks for the wonderful framework! I have two unrelated elastic cluster. I port-forward the kibanas to 5601 and 5602. However, when I login 5602, the 5601 automatically log out, and vise versa. Is there any way to avoid this behavior? Thank you!

You can run multiple instances of Kibana on the one host, running on different ports and pointing to different Elasticsearch clusters if you want.

Have you tried a different browser to the one you are using?

Sure. Without different browser they don't interfere. However, I will soon have 3 separate elastic clusters, and I have to manage them all... So it is not wise to, say, open Chrome, Firefox, and Safari at the same time...

I mean can you login to both with a different browser to the one you normally use and see if the issue still happens.

let me have a try!

still have the same bug.

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