Cannot install X-Pack offline in docker

What gives? I did download the zip file from yet it does not work, logs below:

ELK 6.3.0 without X-Pack
X-Pack: 6.2.4

When trying to install it offline i get this:

Step 8/8 : RUN elasticsearch-plugin install --batch file:///usr/temp/
---> Running in 96ecfcec8c87
-> Downloading file:///usr/temp/
[=================================================] 100%??
ERROR: This plugin was built with an older plugin structure. Contact the plugin author to remove the intermediate "elasticsearch" directory within the plugin zip.
ERROR: Service 'elasticsearch' failed to build: The command '/bin/sh -c elasticsearch-plugin install --batch file:///usr/temp/' returned a non-zero code: 2

You cannot install X-Pack 6.2.4 on Elasticsearch (or Kibana or Logstash) 6.3.X. It needs to be the same version.

If you are using our 6.3.X docker images though, they already contain X-Pack.

I use custom images that are based on official ones still I do not see X-pack installed in it because there is no Monitoring section in Kibana panel. Can you please point me to place where I can download latest version of X-pack then? It is really hard to find it on site as it points to version 6.2.4

How are you installing Elasticsearch then, deb/apt or zip/other

Elasticsearch is already installed in docker images that I'm using. Possibly it was made with deb package but would need to check it to be 100% sure, still does it matter for plugin installation how was elasticsearch installed( now I'm curcious) ? Also it is on machine that has no internet access so the easiest way to install x-pack for me is by installing it from zip file.

Also I did doublecheck if I have it installed and does not look like it, this is all I get when checking plugins in elastic:
server1 ingest-geoip 6.3.0
server1 ingest-user-agent 6.3.0

6.3.X of the Elastic Stack comes with X-Pack pre-installed. You may not even need to install it so check _cat/plugins first.

I did, let me paste again what _cat/plugins result is for me :slight_smile:

server1 ingest-geoip 6.3.0
server1 ingest-user-agent 6.3.0

Ahh, that wasn't obvious so I missed it sorry :slight_smile:

Ok, I will need to follow this one up internally as there's a disconnect here that we need to fix.

Sure if you must. Please let me know if you figure something out, also if possible it would be great if x-pack was possible to download like it had place with 6.2.4.

Two extra questions;

  1. Can you use our docker images, and if not why not? (It just helps understand your use more)
  2. Can you ask the upstream maintainer to install the non-"oss" deb/rpm of Elasticsearch that includes X-Pack?

It may take a while to get answers. I will let you know if I will know something.

X-Pack will not show up in _cat/plugins in 6.3.0 as it's technically a module rather than a plugin.

Try GET /_xpack
That will tell you whether xpack in available, and if so, which features are licensed & enabled.


Hello, This thread may be closed we are switching from oss to official elastic docker images. Thanks for all the help.

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