Cannot run query of time length 7 days or longer

Spawning from: Kibana search 7 days throws error
and redirected from github

Can someone educate me why this issue seems to be on the elasticsearch side? The github response was really vague

Original Github message
"I am trying to query data from my elasticsearch instance using kibana. Queries under 7 days work fine however the queries fail when i do 7 days or 1 month.

I am running Kibana 4.1.1 and Elasticsearch 1.7.0

I have the default config file with the modification of
request_timeout: 600000

I also did this modification on the UI side
discover:sampleSize 1000

The reason i am opening the issue here is because kibana query fails but running the query in marvel sense works. So i am wondering if there is a timeout setting in the app that i am missing.

I created gist with some information that i hope will help with the troubleshooting."

Given Kibana search 7 days throws error is still going, let's keep it there so others can see the full context :slight_smile: