Can't connect to Kibana install on sandbox hdp with port forwarding


Hello everyone, here is my problem.

I want to connect locally to Kibana on localhost:5601 with port forwarding, but it doesn't work.

Anybody know how to resolve this ? I already try many things such try to access through nginx or change configurations in kibana.yml but in vain.

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your kibana is listening on localhost only, so its not possible to connect to it from another computer.
you should change bind address to
in kibana.yml change setting


Thank you ppisljar but i already try this and it doesn't work.

Also I try to follow the same logic that i see in hdp components.

For example : there is a port forwarding for ambari web ui and i can connect to it without any problem.

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first, make sure you can access your kibana instance from the same network.

if you set your server host correctly, try to check the output of netstat -natp to see if its actually listening on .... then try to access your kibana from another machine on the same network .... once this is done you can be sure everything is correctly setup on kibana side and you just need to make port forwarding work.


Ok ppisljar i follow your instructions but it doesn't work, i change host "localhost" to and restart kibana (i change anything in port forwarding table), but i have again the connection reset error.

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