Unable to port forward localhost:5601 to kibana's port 5601 in Virtual machine in my laptop

I have a VM running on my laptop using Oracle virtual box in which I have installed kibana. It not a docker installation. And it is accessible on from my virtual machine

Then I did a port forwarding in Oracle virtual Box on port 5601 to 5601 so that I can access kibana from the host machine itself @ 127.0.01:5601.

But even after doing this I'm unable to access kibana from my host machine.

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Hi there!

First you'll want to make sure that the Kibana server is binding to the correct host. You should set server.host: in your kibana.yml in order to be accessible from outside.

If that doesn't solve, it's most likely a VirtualBox configuration issue. This is a bit outside of my expertise, but I believe you may need to change the network configuration of your VM settings in VirtualBox. I believe you may need to use the "bridged" mode. This guide also has some helpful tips for configuring networking in VirtualBox. Other than that, you may need to post on the VirtualBox forums for more assistance.

Let me know if I can be of any more help!

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Thank you @joshdover . I was able to resolve the issue by setting server.host:

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