Canvas dropdownControl default value

I am using the dropdownControl to select which of our stages I want to see data on:

csv data="stage
| dropdownControl valueColumn="stage" filterColumn="fields.stage"
| render 

Now I want to set a default value, so that users opening the Canvas for the first time would get a specific value selected. Is that possible?

I would like to combine this with the urlparam function so that I can link users to a specific stage, but still allow them to select a different one later on.

I just checked the Canvas Workpad JSON and see that this stored as part of the object:

	"id": "dropdown",
	"position": {
		"left": 1754.75,
		"top": 122.375,
		"width": 153,
		"height": 50,
		"angle": 0,
		"parent": null
	"expression": "csv data=\"stage\nprod\nstg\nint\ntest\"\n| dropdownControl valueColumn=\"stage\" filterColumn=\"fields.stage\"\n| render \n  css=\".canvasRenderEl select {\n  color: #bbb;\n  border-color: #bbb;\n  background-color: #000;\n}\n\n.canvasRenderEl svg {\n  color: #bbb\n}\"",
	"filter": "exactly value=\"test\" column=\"fields.stage\""

So I guess this is something that is stored within the Canvas workpad, and cannot easily be overridden?

Good morning, Benny! Yeah, it doesn't look like the dropdownControl function allows for a default to be specified, at least at the moment.

I would recommend opening an enhancement request to add defaultValue as an arg to dropdownControl. That would get passed on to dropdown_filter as its value, (assuming it was was present in the collection.

Feel free to refer to this post in your enhancement request. Cheers!