Canvas - Use control in a reusable element

My Canvas consists of a single block of metrics which is placed multiple times on the canvas. I want to be able to add a blocks so I made an element (which is shown in the picture) out of it to be able to add them easily to a canvas. Now i just select the element from the 'my elements' section and it is added to the board. The element has a dropdown control in it. How can i make this control so that it only affects the element that it was added tot the canvas with? Now when i add an element, i have to change the group which the control and visualizations belong to, to make it not effect the already present elements on the canvas. I want it to just adjust the metrics of the element with which it was added tot the canvas.

Hi @Rick_V

Yes unfortunately just because the items are "grouped" into a single element, the underlying elements still can impact the workpad as a whole. So, for now you will have to still edit the filter group and then make sure the query is only using that filter group.

Sorry that I don't have a better solution for you.

Hi Corey,

Thanks for your reply!

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