Change colors for each result on stacked bar?


I have stacked bar that is showing me success logons and failed logons. I want them to be different colors than the default but I dont see where I can change that.

How do I do it?

It depends on which visualization type you're using.

If you're using Lens in 7.13, you can get a custom color by using metrics with filters instead of breakdown by. This is because the breakdown colors are not fully customizable, but the metrics are. Older versions of Lens do not support custom colors.

If you're using an aggregation-based chart type, you can click the color dot in the legend to assign a color by name.

If you're using TSVB, I would recommend an approach similar to Lens- create multiple series where each one is filtered by status, and then you can assign a custom color to each.

So if I understand you correctly, if I want to make a stacked bar visualization with different colors for different results, I need at least 7.13?

I dont wanna make a chart/pie based visualization (I know that is possible) and TSVB I believe shows it in a timeline.

Thank you for your help as always.

In older versions where you want a stacked bar chart without a time dimension on the X axis then you can use the aggregation-based Bar Chart visualization.

Im using 7.10 ..... Im not sure if the Bar Chart visualization exists....

That chart type is the oldest chart type in Kibana. When you click Visualize -> Bar Chart you'll see it.

I apoligize but I must be blind:

If I click on Vertical Bar, I have the issue I mention: I cannot set different colors for different results.

You can click the color dot in the Vertical Bar legend to assign a unique color.

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