Change indices on discover


I have two spaces: Users and IT
In the IT space I am able to change the indices on the discover page:

In the Users space I am not able to change the indices

Under Management/Spaces I can see this

In the roles section for the Team who will use Users spaces have all privileges on all indices:

Could you please guide me what I'm missing here?


In Discover you have the ability to switch between existing index patterns. Those are not automatically created for your data, but you have to go into "Management" and configure them there.

Each created index pattern is exclusively visible in the space it was created, so if you have multiple spaces, you have to re-create the index patterns want to use for each space.

In your scenario it looks like there are multiple index patterns configured in the IT space, but in the users space there is only a single index pattern (that's why the change button is hidden)

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