Change IP of single node instance

Hello all, if this info is somewhere and my search missed it I apologize.

Also, I am an Elasticsearch noob so my apologies if I mix up terminology.

I have a simple single node setup running version 8.7 to service a small self managed Gitlab advanced search capability. I have everything working as I would expect.

I would like to change the IP address of the Elasticsearch node. When I change the IP and restart the machine everything on Elasticsearch appears fine (no odd log messages). However when I update the configuration in Gitlab to the new IP of Elasticsearch, gitlab is no longer able to connect. The gitlab logs give an ssl error stating hostname mismatch.

So the question is, is there anything more I need to do on the Elasticsearch node than just change the IP and restart? Ie, any configuration anywhere I need to update? generate new certs? etc.

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You will need to update your TLS certificate to include the new IP, take a look at Updating node security certificates | Elasticsearch Guide [8.7] | Elastic

Thank you for the welcome and the reply!! I will take a look and see how it goes.

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