Change timepicker:timeDefaults to latest event date in the data

Dear Community,

I am trying to change 'timepicker:timeDefaults' setting value to something so that every time user logs in to the application, the time selection shows the date range from today till the last date data was ingested/fed to application.
Issue faced is when time default is set to last 15 minutes and data is one day old, then on initial load user see nothing on the dashboard, until user changes the time range.

Is this possible to set 'timepicker:timeDefaults' to show latest event time(which can be a day/2days/a week old data), so that user do not have to change the time range on initial load and dashboard always have some data to display.


Thank you!

A solution to do this would require having a custom script/process search the data you're interested in, find the time of the last data, and then programatically set the timepicker default therefrom.

That isn't something that can be provided out of the box, because the process needs:

  1. To know which of your indices is relevant
  2. To have security privilege to read your index data

Thank you for the explanation, I understand why it is restricted.

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