Collect all Prometheus Metrics 8.7 integration, also looking to target live_msgs


I'm having trouble understanding how to collect all of the Prometheus metrics available. We currently have Elastic Agent (EA) working and connected to the Prometheus server but its not pulling any data for one of the fields were looking for, live_msgs, and there a lot of other fields with blank values. We've tried * in the Metrics Include field to no avail and also opened up the remote_metrics with port 9201 running to try and pull from that. I just can't seem to figure out how to get the fields that aren't automatically being pulled right now. To me it almost makes sense to learn how to pull all the metrics and then filter out anything that we don't need. Overall, we're trying to get live_msgs and I cant seem to get the integration for Elastic Agent 8.7 to collect the data.


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