Column names / headers

We just migrated to ES/Kibana 7 and are frustrated with display of data tables.
The column names are not wrapped around anymore. I do not see an option for that.
Also, there is no smart autosize option.

And to make it totally frustrating, no tooltip on the column showing the full name.

So the only way to being able to see what the columns are is to resize thousands of columns in all our views manually. But because there is no wrap around for column names anymore we also waste a lot of space for columns with small data but bigger column names.

Everything longer than "Averag" is cut off.

I would really really be glad for any tiip to fix that in the hope we just are blind and do not see where these features went. It is unsuable at the moment.

Hi @stefand,

Can you give me more details where this is happening? What version are you using? Thanks.

Sure, kibana 7.17.3. A simple data table in visualization library.
We use those with metrics to display collected data entries as rows with attributes as columns.
So each column is a metric showing a field, sometimes as average sometimes as sums over a larger data set.

Anyway, data table visualization. Same if the visualization is integrated within a dashboard.

In visualization options i can enable "Auto fit rows to content" which shows the full content of each column with wrap around but not the column name/header.

Thanks @stefand I don't see a way to do that, but let me check with @Stratoula_Kalafateli if she can help.

Hey @stefand. In 7.17 there is no way to wrap the column header but we added this in 8.2 in Lens datatable. Here is the PR [Lens] Supports multi rows headers for the table visualization by stratoula · Pull Request #127447 · elastic/kibana · GitHub


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