Complex Interactive Dashboard

I'm doing a nontraditional dashboard as described below in the screenshot, I just want to check if it's possible to do this on Kibana? For the first part I'm planning to use vega to draw the shapes, but I'm not sure how to implement the interactive part when user click on the shapes. Could you please give some advice?


Hi, instead of Vega you probably want to look into making a Canvas workpad for this.

It has a "dropdown filter" element for your "Select Section"

You can make shapes that change color using the "shape" element

Thanks for replying tsullivan, I will look into the Canvas workpad.

hi tsullivan,
I have a followup question on this, If I was using Canvas would it be possible for me to handle on-click/mouse-over event on the first part, and change the chart in the second part accordingly? I will need to change whole second part to some other chart shape as well.

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