Conflicting Field Elasticsearch host.ip in metrics*-* Index Pattern

Hello Everyone, in this topic, i would like to ask about conflicting field.

From all discussions and forum i visited most of them tell you to re-index your index. but i come across this problem where the conflicting field is occurred within all index with metrics*-* index pattern.

When i opened data view for metrics*-* and search for the host.ip field, this is what it looks like:

this is the pop-up when i click the "conflict" warning. i will put the screenshot below:
1st screenshot

2nd screenshot

as you can see from the part of screenshots above, mssql performance and transaction_log have keyword type for host.ip in it's field.
the questions would be how can i change the host.ip field from keyword to ip address type? and is this an issue within mssql integration?

Thank you in advance!

i already did some testing and came out with workaround for this.
we could just create a data view and include the index pattern except for mssql since both are not in the same index.

it's fine now!

i appreciate any other answer that may help to fix the root cause. Thank you!

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