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I have a table visualization. I want to somehow see the results in the table, and easily jump to the accual doc, because now I just show a few relevant fields, but if the user want to watch the entire document that was shown in the table - it's a hassle.
Is there an easy way to achieve that?
Is there a way, at least, to create a saved search that will connect in some way to the results in the table - so that the user will be able to see that line 3 in the table corresponds to the second result in the saved search?
Currently I present a dashboard with the table on top and an empty saved search underneath, so when the user search for someField:someValue the table show some results, and the user can watch the doc themselves in the saved search window, but there is no connection between the two.
Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this?

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A data table visualization is aggregated data. What exactly are your settings for that visualization? Can you share a screenshot of the actual left pane with the options/settings for it?

I'm thinking you can't really link the table with the saved search results because one is an aggregated form of the raw documents. But I'd like to see what you're doing and if there's another way.


This is what I was trying to do:

On the top we have the results table, and on the bottom is the result doc, where the user can expand each one of the docs and see additional things after the query the user ran.
The problem: there is no connection between the two. If the user want to exapnd on the results presented at the second line in the table, for example, he will need to find them manually in the empty search screen below.
What I thought was that the aggregated table does hold somewhere the doc or at least knows where the doc is, because it was able to find the aggregated data (obviously), so why won't I be able to just link to the doc each line in the table refers to?


any idea?

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