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Hello everyone,

I have some hard time on Kibana, this is my problem :

I have 24 connectors on my server. I parse the logs with logstash and for each entry with connector activity I stock a number in the elastic search entry => "-1" if my connector is "INUSE", "1" if he go back to "AVAILABLE"

Log sample:
[server] 2017-07-26 09:06:43,251 DEBUG [thread] classname | Status is changing: INUSE -> AVAILABLE

Produce this variable in ES :
"value_status" = 1

I want to make a curve with timestamp on X-Axis, which tell me exactly how much free connectors I have.
This curve have for limits min 0 (if all connectors are used) and max 24 (if all connectors are free)

I already try to make 24 + (SUM of "value_status") like that

But it doesn't work;
An idea what's wrong in this curve ?

Thank you

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Hi @Mricacib,

looking at the way you store the events, I think you want to use a cumulative sum aggregation on the value_status field. I would recommend to use the new Time Series Visual Builder visualization type, because it allows for easy use of scripts. I was able to create such a graph using these settings:


Hi @weltenwort ,

I just load a little part of my logs, and I obtain this graph

The total free connectors stay under the threshold and match with the server activity
Thank you very much, it seem to work perfectly !

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That is a pretty graph, thanks for sharing :+1:

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