Control Visualization Not Working with Boolean Fields in 6.5

Kibana visualizations that we have created to use a boolean field are not working correctly. The two bool fields pop up as selectable, but we are not able to click on and select them. Extending this, the controls do not do any actual filtering of the data, and do not add the filter to the ribbon at the top.

Our current work around is to create populated Kibana filters in the filter ribbon at the top, but this is not as obvious to nontechnical users.

Is there any idea what is causing this in Kibana 6.5? With that, when would this issue be fixed?

Could you please post a screenshot of your visualization configuration, and the fields that are not selectable? You may want to search or file a Github issue.

"True" and "false" are not selectable for 2 boolean fields "errors" and "spiders". I can click on one of true or false, but the options will just disappear without actually filtering the data. Here are the screenshots:

Look of the UI:

Settings JSON:

Thank you!

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